Welcome to Dog Grounds

We build and manage off-leash play areas for dogs in downtown Minneapolis. Our three off-leash play areas are in the Gateway Park, Loring Park, and North Loop neighborhoods. Here you can learn about our parks, how to license your pet, and how to obtain off-leash park permits in Minneapolis.

Getting Started

In order to use any Off-Leash Recreation Area in Minneapolis, including the new Dog Grounds play areas, dog owners must first obtain an Off-Leash Park Permit and a Minneapolis Pet License. The applications for each can be found on both the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board and the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control websites. For convenience, you can download, print, complete the forms, and send them back with proper payment and a copy of required veterinary records. Your license, permit and a receipt will be mailed to your home for your records.

Main Rules

Our parks have a few rules: make sure you and your dog are aware of them before you go.

  1. 1Make sure your dog has a license, an off-leash permit, and all his or her vaccinations.
  2. 2Pick up after your dog before you leave: help us keep the park clean.
  3. 3Stay only until closing time. That’s usually around 10:00PM.
  4. 4Make sure your dog obeys you and behaves well with other dogs.

Maps & Locations

Gateway Park

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The Gateway Park play area is a welcome addition to the neighborhood! Located at the corner of 4th Avenue South between 10th and 11th Street, this play area features miniature grass “ottomans,” a water bowl feature and mature trees.

Hours: 6:00 AM–10:00 PM

Loring Park

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The Dog Grounds off-leash play area in the Loring neighborhood is located on the north corner of Loring Park between the Minneapolis Community Technical College and the Loring Park businesses. This play area features "The Bridge to Erehwon" for playing, and limestone boulders sized and placed throughout the park for people to sit on and dogs to climb on.

Hours: 6:00 AM–10:00 PM

North Loop Park

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The North Loop play area is located at 3rd Street North and 8th Avenue North next to the Herschel Lofts Building. The play area is approximately 6,000 square feet solely dedicated for off-leash play by neighborhood dogs.

Hours: 6:00 AM–10:00 PM


Please make a donation to Dog Grounds! Your contributions will support park up-keep and help us open new parks.

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